Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Replacements: Bastards of Young

Big B posted "Swinging Party" about a year ago, and in the comments I alluded to this, my favorite song off of Tim. Now, almost a year later, I've gotten around to posting it. Touching on disappointment, income taxes, alienation, and sharecropping, this song has it all.


Mike B in NYC said...

Yes it does. greatest Replacements song of all time? no, but still the best song for capturing suburban ennui circa 1984. Number 2? "Subdivisions" by Rush

Big B said...

"God, what a mess, on the ladder of success
Where you take one step and miss the whole first rung"

Mike said...

There's a new Art Brut track about The Replacements. Tight song.

emmett said...

Subdivisions is possibly my favorite Rush song.

"Any escape might help to soothe the unattractive truth that the suburbs have no charms to soothe the restless dreams of youth."

Good call.

indierocker said... me, best replacements song... mmhhh... answering machine

indierocker said...

no no, wait... unsatisfied is the best song!