Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Joe South - Cosmos

This is from Joe's 1975 Island LP Midnight Rainbows, which he recorded after a three year sabbatical from the music business, following the death of his brother. From the liner notes:

"I flipped out. I just went completely into the ether in the wake of my brother's death. I just had to get away, so I went out to the Islands, caught Polynesian paralysis and just lived in the jungles of Maui for a couple of years."

"We worked hard on this album. I tried very hard to lay it out there in such a way as to have multiple levels of unfoldment. I also try to keep what I'm saying on a positive level. Nobody likes to hear bummers, although there are enough of them on the air. Bumming people out is one level of unfoldment I just down't want to vibrate."

I'm liking the chord at 2:44.

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