Friday, May 29, 2009

Metro - Mono Messiah

Sometimes when you're looking for stuff that sounds like Métro, you just have to listen to more Métro.

Featuring John Giblin on bass, doing a sort of hommage to John Entwistle, and getting jiggy at 1:38.


Anonymous said...

funny, i discovered this album through your site months ago but I only got round to listening to it today. it's pretty amazing, kind of ur-bumrocks. now, i'm looking for wild places.

emmett said...

Good luck to ye on your quest, Anonymous! BTW apparently there are three Metro LPs, but I think only one with Duncan Browne (the true genius of Metro?)

Atall said...

Thanks. The track Flame is amazing, isn't it? They lyrics are so sordid and pretentious in such a 1970's way. oh when I taste champagne, I see flames upon the Seine. I know the stains on your satin skirt come from another lover. mmm.