Monday, May 04, 2009

Neil Young: Motion Pictures

Well all those people think they've got it made
But I wouldn't buy, sell, borrow, or trade
Anything I have, to be like one of them
I'd rather start all over again

At some point we'll post, track by track, all of On the Beach. Because this album, called "one of the most despairing albums of the decade" by Rolling Stone when it was released, is that good. For me it might even beat out Tonight's the Night (to say nothing of Trans) as my favorite Neil Young album. Currently, this is the song I'm coming back to. Ruminative, confrontational...a bit like Mike, actually.

Slide guitar courtesy of Rusty Kershaw. He also hand wrote very odd liner notes to the record.


Jordy said...

This is a gem. Indeed, the entire B-side of that album is perfect.

Big B said...

mercury rev does a nice cover version for a past session of 'morning becomes eclectic'.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. never heard anything from this album.. great song.. thanx!