Friday, May 22, 2009

Tears For Fears - Change


Anonymous said...

Ah, Change.

What a great Song. All Style and Class!It repesents everything what 's wonderful about the early british Synthipop Bands.

How much have I luvd that Song!

I remember hearing it for the first time when me and some friends were driving to a Party out in the countryside. I think it was during my last year in Highschool. We were slightly stoned, the breaze was warm and tender while the sun was setting and we were drivin' by the superexpensive fantastically sounding Hifi in some of my friends wealthy daddy's fancy car.

I had been starting out as a Glamrock, Queen/ELO-Fan in the Midsenventies, had then become a Hardrock-Hippie, changing into a Postpunk Fan in 1980 and after watching the Dead Kennedies and listenig to the Ruts Tapes of a Friend began to love Punk.

But listening to this song during that nightdrive to Lohne my senses were broadened to the delights of POP-Music. So its title is really expressing the impact which it had on me.

It's been a pleasure to hear it again on your fantastic site in Blogland. thanxs alot!

ano 2

Mike said...

Thanks for this evocative comment. I really enjoyed reading it.