Thursday, June 11, 2009

Donald Byrd: The Cat Walk

From the album of the same name with the following line up:

Donald Byrd: trumpet
Pepper Adams: baritone sax
Duke Pearson: piano
Laymon Jackson: bass
Philly Joe Jones: drums

Of course there are those who have other associations with "The Cat Walk".

And then, before you know what hits you, I hit you with this. Donald Byrd in 1993, with Guru, on Jazzmatazz vol 1.

"Everybody knows that they have times when they just want to lay back, kick their feet up, you know, listen to some good music, and just lounge."


Frasse said...

Funny, I just read a book of "the greatest album covers of all time" and this picture was included.

Mike said...

Congrats on the first 1,000!

davyh said...

Oh that's nice, that's nice, that's soooo nice. I've been playing my old Art Blakey LP a lot lately, and this is of a piece with it. Peace with it x

Emmett said...

This was our 1000th post. (Cue the Swiss national anthem and the Federer-style glory tears.)

davyh said...

Wow, happy first millenium chaps - keep on rockin' x