Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jimmy Reed: Life is Funny

A hypothetical: You're a hippy hustler who looks like a young Seymour Cassel; you pick up four middle aged married women at a club; you all go back to the house of one of the women for drinks and dancing; in the stack of records there's a Jimmy Reed record.

If everything above happened to be true, then isn't this the song you'd play?

"These dancers, these wild and crazy dancers, I think they've succeeded where science failed." Read here why you should watch Faces right now.


Emmett said...

Nice one. Erratum: when you asked me about Jimmy Reed at Ear Inn the other day, the person I described to you was in fact Jimmy Rogers.

Happy Bloomsday again.

Reynard said...

faces is a great movie. i like a woman under the influence a lot too. gena rowlands was so great. sweet post.