Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Townes Van Zandt: Don't Take It Too Bad

It's just some kind of game
made out of all of this living
that we got left to do...


Emmett said...

this is going well with my hangover

Big B said...

nice. don't take it too bad, eh?

Big Ed Dunkel said...

Love Townes. I saw him in NYC one night in 1995, hopelessly high. The man settled me down, then made me laugh, then later well up in tears.

Anonymous said...

Same with u big ed.

saw him twice in Cologne, the 2nd thyme three weeks b4 he died an' he was in a terrible state. drunk 2 hell he couldn't play his guitar most of the time. so he kept on knocking with his knuckles onto his instrument instead and told (mostly sad)jokes which could melt an icecold heart 2 tears.

and he told the terrified audience stories of his delirium tremens visions, in which the ghost of the wife of the tour manager helped him 2 find the way onto the stage and back to the tourbus/hotelroom.

a cynical friend of mine who attended that night placed the bet that towns wouldn't make one more year. unfortunately he was right.

but the first time i saw him in august 94 it was one of the best concerts i ever happened 2 attend.

r.i.p towns, one of the best songwriters (i. e. for "pancho and lefty" an' "turnstyled and junkpiled") and performers ever.

ano 2

Big B said...

Ano2 and Big Ed...thanks for the stories. I was never able to see Townes perform. Just happened to be living in Memphis when he was attempting to record some new music before he passed. The engineer on the project told me he was sitting in a wheelchair during the session and had to have a bottle of vodka near at hand.