Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Beach Boys: Friends
Whodini: Friends

Ooooooh, oooh oh oh ohhhhhhh ooooooh ooooo-hhhh-hhhh.

And then there are some we wish we never knew at all.

Which song entitled 'Friends' do you think is better?

The answer in the comments section.

NB - this is an archive post. See here. And yes, this Whodini song was sampled by Nas in "If I Ruled the World."


Big B said...

My vote is for Whodini.
[btw, crazy picture.]

wv: minest

DDay said...

Whodini, that's a nice song. But The Beach Boys just have to win this: pure class from a wonderful album.

emmett said...

write-in vote for Five Minutes of Funk.

Where's that pic from?

Mike said...

Beach Boys

Mick said...

What no Shalamar? Beach Boys win hands down for me. Loving these comparison posts - great idea!

Anonymous said...

Jody Whatley wins.

Sheridan Dupre said...

Thanks for playing, all, and glad you're enjoying it! The winner of this installment of which song is better is...Whodini! Yes, Whodini wins for the spine tingling moment at the 1:01 mark, for its contemporary treatment of the vicissitudes of both agape and eros, and because the narrator does "not" brag about the time when he "talked [his friend's] folks out out of making [him] cut off [his] hair."

wv- promound