Friday, September 18, 2009

The Stranglers: Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)

...only country where the clouds are interesting

"Too much time to think, too little to do" has become all too meaningful to me lately.


emmett said...

"Communism, socialism, and there's no time to think."

There were some mammatus clouds in NY this June that were pretty damn interesting:


Anonymous said...

U lucky cloudlooker u!

I wish I also could complain about too much time 2 think. Unfortunately haven't had the opportunity 2 since 1999.

Anyway. Your Posting made me remembering the good ole times again when the Stranglers provided a good part of my daily soundtrack.

Like the Picture a n d the Song like so many times b4 on

And wasn't there a whole album called "Made in Sweden", which is also fantastic? By Lee Hazelwood? Got 2 search my vaults for it.

"Every time just like the last
on her ship tied to the mast
to distant lands
takes both my hands
never a frown with golden brown" (Stranglers)

Have a nice weekend, signed: anonymus no. 2

Anonymous said...

all quiet on the wild west front?!!

ano 2