Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dave Brubeck: Theme from "Mr Broadway" and Winter Ballad

Two from Jazz Impressions of New York. The first was the theme song to an evidently short lived TV series called "Mr Broadway." Below you can see the opening credits, and you won't want to miss the sponsorship ad.

A croquet set?

And the second, "Winter Ballad," has just the right touch of menthol.

The players:
Dave Brubeck, piano
Paul Desmond, alto sax
Gene Wright, bass
Joe Morello, drums


yuliana said...

i like to see all the classic and old videos and to know about mr broadway this one is very good and i am his fan very nice one look at his style at that time itself in 1964 he is one of the most smartest guys like to see him

JamesChanceOfficial said...

Fantastic...I'm going to have to post this over at I love the stuff you post!

- Tim from Stupefaction

emmett said...

Nice one. I believe this kind of jam is what is known in record nerd parlance as a "titty-shaker". Interesting that the guitar in the video clip isn't in the mp3.

Watching that ad reminds you what a before-and-after moment there was with advertising in the late '60s. See this for further details.

Anonymous said...

that video makes we wanna start smokin' again just to oppose that boring currently ruling politically correct zeitgeist, that wants to abolish the liberty to behave unreasonably and injuriously to ones health and which makes the censors in the tv stations cut out smoking or drinking scenes from older movies or TV shows to protect us all from the mean devil of nicotine and booze.

Even though Croquet has probably never been the most hip sparetime occupation (even in the tttttts)
Mr broadway seems 2 be so much cooler than all those helplessely square CSI Investigators that have contaminated the telly nowadays.

And the soundtrack is cool too, Mr Dupre. Thanx a lot! ano 2

bella said...

mrbroadway swept me off my feet he is a man down to earth i love to see his smoking style in this video love him so much

Sheridan Dupre said...

Thanks for the comments. Feel free to re-post and please do smoke. Eagle ears, Emmett, eagle ears. And Bella, I don't think you're the first Mr Broadway has swept off their feet.