Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Going down.


Anonymous said...

Haha, good one!

I love Ham from York since we've been there with school way back in '78, and now: "Hamtrack Mama" from the York Bro's.

ano 2

emmett said...

Hey Ano, thanks for chiming in. One cryptic comment deserves another!

By way of explanation: the real title here is "Hamtramck Mama". Hamtramck is a town near Detroit that apparently used to have a notable red-light district.

Anonymous said...

Well Ham from York is a culinary specialitiy from the northern english town of (Old) York. Delicious indeed!

And thanks to your link I alrady "went down" and have so found out that Hamtranck seems to be a pretty cool fun place near Motown.

Ever been there? Or why did u post the track?

Nm. Gotta split now, otherwise I might miss the first goal when your boys playing the Brits tonight.

ano 2