Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Viva show (#94) in the archives. Designed for a rainy day.


Anonymous said...

What a nice and relaxing selection! Just returned from vacations on the sunny Iberian Peninsular into my rainy hometown. your show helped alot 2 make my (rainy) day.

Seems to me I 've heard the melody of the beautiful refrain of the V.Sanson Song b4. Is there a corverversion which made it to the charts?

Happy Fatherhood!

If your little offspring does not like to fall asleep you should give a dose of "SOOTHING SOUNDS FOR BABY" by Raymond Scott a try. Worked out perfectly with my son no. 2 (The first one preferred Irish folk songs sung by his grumpy old father).

greetings by ano 2

emmett said...

Hey Ano, welcome back from vacation and thx for listening to the show! Re: "Amoureuse": There's an English-language version called "Emotion" that I have on a Shirley Bassey album and which also appears on a Diana Ross solo LP. There's also apparently an English-language version by Veronique herself which I haven't heard. Does this explain anything?

Re: Raymond Scott: I have heard that record...if I need some sleepy music I just might give it a try! Thanks for the well wishes. Cheers, Emmett

Anonymous said...

yeah, it might have been diana ross.

Just "googled" Amoureuse and found out that way that Kiki Dee had a big hit in England with that song in 1973 and that there was a even a german version by Danish easy listening singer Gitte in 1976 too. Probably the busdriver was switching on to the local easy listening radio station and that was playing one of those versions while I was transported home from school on a sunny summerday in the midseventies.

anyway, the refrain is so damm' catchy that I never got it out of my head.

ano 2, lost in music again....