Monday, September 20, 2010

Quiet Life
Japan: Quiet Life

I enjoy how on Wikipedia the reference under Japan's entry stating that they influenced Duran Duran is cited as "[dubious - discuss]". Maybe someone can do a mash up of Quiet Life with Rio.


Anonymous said...

Ah, what a great song!

How much I enjoyed it, to listen to Japan again after such a long thyme last night. A friend came along and together we flipped through my record collection and - after finding the Nightporter 12'', the Tin Drum-LP and a Mick Karn Solo LP - we found ourselves listening to Japan records (and "Rio") the whole evening while consuming quite a few glases of Highland Park. Not the worst pastthyme to be honest.

Indeed quite a lot of coincidence in sound and style with 'Rio'. Too much to be purely coincidental to my humble opinion.

ano 2

pw: crout (sounds like "Kraut" like in Sauerkraut)

Big B said...

ano 2, love the Nightporter 12". Used to play that song over and over. It owes a lot to Satie's Gymnopedies.

also realized today that our friend over at
The Ghost of Electricity posted a Sylvian tune fittingly on Sept. 1 from Secrets of the Beehive. Such a great album!

Anonymous said...

Hey Big B,

I agree with your take on satie and nightporter though i haven't noticed any resemblance b4 I read your remark.

Nightporter is - along with 'Ghosts' - an alltime favourite of me.

I'd like to thank you for directing me to the Sylvian track by pointing you to the following link, which leads to the Canadian only EP 'The Art of Parties'.

'Life without Buildings' on its B-Side is Japan at their best. you might like it.