Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Beach Boys: Stoked


Anonymous said...

Great Cover! Great Track! I am stoked!

dude no. 2

ps: sounds like the deep voice at the beginnig mumbles 'stoned' instead of 'stoked', n-est-ce pas?

pps: 'the lonely sea' from the same album is also mezmerizing; especially the part where the drums are setting in sends shivers down my spine.

ib said...

Hell. I'm stoked too.

Like dude no. 2, I am taken with Brian's "The Lonely Sea"; the first rumbling, maybe, of the Beach Boys' ultimate surf.

This take reminds me that I do not have tis LP in its entirety.

Sheridan Dupre said...

yes, lonely sea is nice. Maybe for another night. But come on, we all have to get stoked once in while right?

Anonymous said...

...............all alone
ev'rybody must get stoked...

Bob D.

anonymus dude no.2