Sunday, December 19, 2010

Curved Air
Curved Air: Hide and Seek

This slice of life goes out to Mr. Beer N. Hockey. The title is definitely fitting to the music -- with all the corners and alleyways in this song you wonder if you are lost or actually going the right way, but no worries cause by the end you'll slam right smack into the person you were looking for. Album review here.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for the gift of music. Believe I saw this bunch a couple of times in the mid-seventies. Serial killer live act they were. Stewart Copeland must have been their drummer then. It was good in those days, just Art Decade does, to trip back and forth in a beery confusion between great pre-punk outfits, like these guys, Stray and the Groundhogs, and the golden age of English rock 'n' roll we know as punk rock.

Harry Seo said...

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