Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phone Booth in Chelsea Hotel

Lee Hazlewood: Dark In My Heart

"I asked a girl for lovin' and she walked in the phone booth,
That ain't cool - in the phone booth"


Leo Rattans said...

What would Superman do?
Or, why I dislike cell phones.

C'mon class, start writing.

Big B said...

What would Superman do, indeed!

In regard to cell phones (excerpt from Phil Roth's Exit Ghost):

"I understood that background silence had long been abolished from restaurants, elevators, and ballparks, but that the immense loneliness of human beings should produce this boundless longing to be heard, and the accompanying disregard for being overheard—well, having lived largely in the era of the telephone booth, whose substantial folding doors could be pulled tightly shut, I was impressed by the conspicuousness of it all and found myself entertaining the idea for a story in which Manhattan has turned into a sinister collectivity where everyone is spying on everyone else, everyone being tracked by the person at the other end of his or her phone, even though, incessantly dialing one another from wherever they like in the great out of doors, the telephoners believe themselves to be experiencing the maximum freedom."

nico said...

thank you for the music. and thanks big b for the quote.

Leo Rattans said...

Aye, thanks for the music, in this case: the chirpiest sad song I ever heard.
And the quote from Zuckerman is spot on.
Who's the lady (yes, I mean lady) in the picture?