Thursday, March 17, 2011

Emmett Presents: The End Is Not In Sight

Side A
Modern Folk Quartet - This Could Be The Night
Twin Engine - Mistress Of The Morning
Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Me
Lio - You Go To My Head
Step Lang - Airborn
George Martin & His Orchestra - Theme One

Side B
Bachdenkel - Long Time Living
Caramba - Fedora (I'll Be Your Dawg)
Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat
Tomita - Clair de Lune
Tuesday - Sewing Machine
Helen Banks - Do You Know

Side C
Up 'N Adam - Rainmaker
El Tigre - Figure
Hybrid Kids - D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?
William Onyeabor - Good Name
John Keating - Rocket Man

Side D
Violeta Parra - Arauco Tiene Una Pena
The Carpenters - Superstar (Rapson re-edit)
Simon & Garfunkel - So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
Jerry Garcia - Eep Hour
Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Spaceship Orion

all-in-one zip file

Featuring music from six continents, and dedicated to the people of Japan. I'm going to Ireland for two weeks, but when I get back... IT'S ON.


Anonymous said...


basso said...


Abigail said...

Can't wait.

Harry Seo said...

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Leo Rattans said...

Great choices! Do you recommend listening to this in your running order, or alphabetically like the files are tagged?

Anonymous said...

Great! I'm french and I'm so happy that you remind me about this fabulous version of "You Go To My Head" by Lio...Now I'm in love with this song!


M said...

Hey Mr. Decade-

After a week of spins, my favorite is the Clair de Lune jam. Who is this? How do I find more of it? Reminds me of the opening credits to some 80s science fiction film for kids.

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I was surfin' the net for the last time. Too much to do in the real life....

But it was well worth passing by this morning.

Side D is my favourite! Is that
t h e Jery Garcia, known and famous for his Guitarwork?

And the Lio Track. Didn't know she was also performing in English. The very charming way she is softly phrasing the lyrics closely resembles Tom Jobim or Astrud Gilberto, n'est-ce pas? Lovely indeed!

Hope you don't mind me hometaping the aforementioned onto my next "Nice an'eazy"-Mixtape.

Enjoy Eire!

ano 2

Emmett said...

Hey everyone, I tried to respond earlier but my comments didn't go through?

Ano, Basso, & Abigail - thanks for the comments!

Leo - good to hear from you again! Definitely listen in the order posted... any alphabetical tagging is unintentional. Sorry about that. Also, apologies for never posting those liner notes... maybe I'll write 'em when I retire. :)

Renaud, great to hear from you again, glad you enjoyed the Lio!

M: the artist is Isao Tomita. The track is from the album Snowflakes Are Dancing, released in 1975. The composer is Claude DeBussy. Check out Tomita's albums, a lot of them are available on CD.

Ano: Great to hear from you, very glad you enjoyed the mix. And yes, that is THE Jerry Garcia, from his eponymous 1971 solo LP.

Anonymous said...

wow...your edit of Superstar is evocotive and haunting...quite brillant...thank made two middle age people make-out in the backseat of a car for 20 minutes under the stars listening to it over and over...a nice vacation from reality...your very talented..KUDOS!

davyh said...

Terrific stuff terrifically put together and I've been enjoying it hugely. Hilarious to hear 'Fedora' in there, which to anyone who grew up in 70s/80s Britain will forever be this soft drink cinema ad.

emmett said...

Anonymous: so glad you enjoyed the Carpenters edit, although I can't take credit for it... it was done by a British producer named Rapson. Thanks for the comment. I agree, very evocative! The eerie spirit of Karen Carpenter is channeled quite nicely. R.I.P. Karen

Davy: so glad you dug it, my man! Thanks for the link to the Fedora ad. On a similar note, "Theme One" was a BBC theme for a while, or so I have read?