Saturday, April 16, 2011

Traffic - Dream Gerrard


Michael I said...

Great record, off many peoples radar but a real gem.

plague said...

This track was new to me, and I love it. Thanks so much. Never explored Traffic beyond Low Spark before. That was evidently a big mistake!

emmett said...

Hey Michael, thanks for the comment - I completely agree.

Plague: very glad you dug it. I'm like you: I'd never heard When The Eagle Flies until I got the record a week ago. I think this was out of print when I was growing up; I had all the other Traffic albums. This jam is kind of Low Spark part II, eh?

Mike said...

I want to live in that building.

emmett said...

The building's in Shibuya... maybe you did live there?

Anonymous said...

Seriously. What language is he singing in ? I can't make out the words. Is it Welsh ?

emmett said...

It's English, anonymous. But the fact that his voice sounds kind of sped up and there's phaser on it or something, not to mention that Steve Winwood always sounds a little bit like a hobbit (in a good way) does lend a distinctly Welsh vibe to the vocals here. Lyrics by Viv Stanshall of Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band fame:

And it's a fact you are cold they react dream Gerrard.
Hippos don't wear hats, lobsters shriek if provoked.
On long blue ribbons that he may see while he sleeps
Monsieur Neddy wears spectacles
in bed that he may see dreams more clearly.
The night will be black and white raven croaking
I am thirsty Die.
They won't let it be,
they think it should be done with reality
I scream from a skull, Fritz bring your wigwam.
They won't let it be,
they think it should be done with Reality.

Unknown said...

"Fritz bring your wigwam"

This should be a much more frequently quoted lyric.

Big B said...

Perhaps that's a separate blog in the making ~ "Fritz, Bring your Wigwam"

Unknown said...

I think that's a totally unique sequence in the English language.