Friday, June 03, 2011

Amon Duul II - Kirk Morgan

Thanks to Sorcerer for this one. The song structure is something like ABABCDCE and parts A,B,C,D, & E are all great. The rhythm guitar player in the right channel is a genius, as is pretty much everyone else involved in this, evidently.

Lyrics and album cover impenetrable.


davyh said...

Where do you find this stuff??

AW said...

Like the little cat lighting the cigar!

jG said...

This eccentric record is, in my mind, the best of all Amon Duul-related recordings.

Seemingly striving for some kind of popular breakthrough, they achieve a polished, infectious brilliance with melodies and structures just too weird to be cherished as pop confection.

"Another Morning" from this album is a song of which I never grow tired.

anto said...

dave h's question is one that i have oftern pondered and i ask again on his and my behalf, where do you?

emmett said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments! Davy and Anto, regarding where I find this stuff, in this case the answer is . In general, the answer is Internet research. I don't "score" at record stores too much, I mainly hunt around the Internet sifting through reams of data on eBay,, 45cat, etc. hoping to find diamonds in the rough.

BTW Anto, it's great to hear from you again and thanks for the earlier comments on Zoo and Head Hands & Feet! Sorry for the delayed response -- I was working a bunch but now on "summer hols"! :)

anto said...

always enjoy dropping you a line emmet as your tunage has served me/us (family) so well over the years. I was putting some CDs (!) for the car togther recently. we're doing a large scale drive from ireland, via 24 hr ferry, way into France. I have a best of 'art decade' selection if you will, featuring many favs from over the years (T2, Lucio Battisti, Eno, the Band). Had some of the tunes on vinyl in the past but were lost in moves, sales or are still in Da's house. Should make for pleasent driving.

The experience of choosing the tunes brought the inner 15 year old out in a big way.
So its the least I can do to say thanks.

You were in Ireland this year?

emmett said...

Sounds great, Anto, enjoy the trip! Yeah, I was in Ireland in March (Dublin & County Kerry). Had a swell time.