Monday, November 28, 2011

Lone Star - She Said, She Said

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I would like an eight-and-a-half minute, totally overblown prog-boogie cover of one of my favorite Beatles songs, by an obscure Welsh hard rock outfit; one that busts into some rad Free-esque moments, e.g. at the 2:50 mark. Thanks in advance!



Anonymous said...

Dear Emmett,

Thank you for your letter.

News of your being a good boy has already reached me here in Lapland.

Your selections this year have been a marvel - real peaking tackle. You have proved a most agreeable companion on those lonesome sleigh rides home.

So, despite my strong musical reservations, I have decided to acquiesce to your request.

I did my best at 2.50.

Santa xxx

(Don't forget my mince pie.)

Jeff said...

Liked the song. Liked the post even more. Keep on keepin' on, man!

emmett said...

Santa & Jeff: so glad you dug it!

"peaking tackle"???

Big B said...

I second Santa.

To borrow a phrase from my daughter, your song selections this year were "ROYAL".

plague said...

Sounds either like a straight mash-up of Led Zep 2 and Revolver, or an early '90s King's X or Soundgarden track (although maybe the organ at 6:30 kills off both comparisons). Fun!