Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Jesse Fuller -I Got a Mind to Ramble

Bob Weir: OK, now, I want you people all, if you get the chance, to go sometime to Berkeley or Oakland or wherever he is, and dig this guy named Jesse Fuller. Right. He's this one man band, and a fine example of one man banditry, if I might add. And, uh, he plays guitar, and this thing, this stringed instrument, he calls a fotdella, and it's like a bass, a stringed bass that he plays with his feet and he plays the pedals. And he plays that. And then he's got a kazoo and a harmonica and a microphone all glued to this rack that he wears around his neck. And I think he plays a few other things too. Oh yeah, with his right foot he plays - uh, no maybe with his left foot - I'm not sure which foot he plays it with, but he plays a foot crasher which is a high hat symbol, and he plays...

Jerry Garcia [impatiently]: ...this song, this song.

Bob Weir: And he plays this song.

Stage banter from February 28, 1969, just before "The Monkey and the Engineer."

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