Friday, June 13, 2014

Oval - Photograph

I first heard this played by Ted some years back, and it's been making the rounds over at Viva Radio. Whatever the provenance, this is a version of a song that I didn't realize I liked (the song) which weirdly gets better (the version) every time you hear it.

On a related note, you'll be relieved to hear that I finally did secure a copy of this.


@jimibradley said...

Think I've got this, St Etienne put it out on a label they had in the late 90s, a Heavenly sub label I think. Nice tune!

emmett said...

Wow, Jimi, I guess you're what they call an "OG" with this stuff! Thanks for the comment. I definitely wasn't listening to this in the early '90s, I was listening to this.

Atall said...

Icerink Records I think. They also put out out this song, which is nice (and also sounds a bit like a st etienne knock-off):