Friday, February 13, 2015

Emmett Presents-
Forever Came Today: the best of 2013-2014
Book One (The Divine) (78 mb)
Book Two (The Heroic) (96 mb)
Book Three (The Human) (106 mb)
Book Four (Return) (132 mb)

It took me a minute to put the finishing touches on this, but here we have a three-hour megamix of some of my favorite new-to-me songs of the past two years. Each part is designed to be listened to in one sitting, and the four parts are designed to be heard in order. Email me for the tracklist or with any questions: artdecade1977 at gmail dot com.

And here commences a hopefully not terribly long hiatus (it could be six months or a year) as I will myself to focus on some work/life improvement for a spell, not to mention blog restructuring.

Thanks to all who have listened through the years. Don't dream it's over: A.D. will return... and in greater number!

Enjoy 2015 in the meantime.

Your friend,


ib said...

All this accomplished in one "minute" ?

Having been on an unannounced hiatus for something just less than three years, I am grateful for the heads up. Thanks for the megamix and all your input. Expect an email from me in short order.

All the very best for the next several months or so. Anticipating your return.

Emmett said...

Thanks, ib! To paraphrase Jerry Garcia describing Anthem of the Sun: "I mixed it for the hallucinations." Hope you enjoy. Welcome back yet again... keep the font flowing. I'll see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all the best on your 'shore leave'. Take care and of course looking forward to your return!

Devote reader and listener, Kenneth

wharf99 said...

Hm, mp3 files only seem to download the first 15 minutes of each part....

ROEB said...

damned Emmett! gone but not diappeared. with great joy a follower of A.D. Thanks for this four-pack and wish you all prosperity with your plans. see you back next year.

ai to heiwa

Anonymous said...

Have a fine hiatus in the real world. Thanks for the musical inspiration over the past years...


emmett said...

Thanks very much for the comments Kenneth, Wharf, ROEB, and Patrick. Is anyone else having trouble with the downloads? Please let me know. If there are recurring technical issues I'll try to resolve them.

wharf99 said...

The links seem to be working OK now. Thanks!

Iftekhar Ahmed said...

I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelings through your blog!
PPC Expert

Anonymous said...

ever faithful

Anonymous said...

Please come back!

Anonymous said...

Have a happy Boxing Day!

Ano 2, in eager anticipation of the Return of the mighty AD

Anonymous said...

checking faithfully every week...hope you'll be back soon and if not hope you're well.

Emmett said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. All is well. I have been reading books, playing the piano, and (most importantly?) trying to find ways to move forward with my "real" job, which will hopefully result in an overall quality-of-life improvement and free up more time for musical archaeology.

The 6-month-to-1-year hiatus could become more like a 2- to 3-year hiatus, but I think I'll be back eventually!

Keep on shining.


Anonymous said...

never doubt you're missed, breaux.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmet!

No good News here. That's a pity! Since you're gone only mauvaises nouvelles des étoiles et bandes!

Anyway - Prospero nuevo ano!

Ano 2

emmett said...

soon come, rasta

Anonymous said...


ano 2

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barney rubble said...

Gone but not forgotten...and still missed!

Ruby said...

we miss you brother.