Friday, February 13, 2015

Emmett Presents-
Forever Came Today: the best of 2013-2014
Book One (The Divine) (78 mb)
Book Two (The Heroic) (96 mb)
Book Three (The Human) (106 mb)
Book Four (Return) (132 mb)

It took me a minute to put the finishing touches on this, but here we have a three-hour megamix of some of my favorite new-to-me songs of the past two years. Each part is designed to be listened to in one sitting, and the four parts are designed to be heard in order. Email me for the tracklist or with any questions: artdecade1977 at gmail dot com.

And here commences a hopefully not terribly long hiatus (it could be six months or a year) as I will myself to focus on some work/life improvement for a spell, not to mention blog restructuring.

Thanks to all who have listened through the years. Don't dream it's over: A.D. will return... and in greater number!

Enjoy 2015 in the meantime.

Your friend,