Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paul Piot & Paul Guiot: Amour, Vacances Et Baroque [1968]
Gary Bellington: Merry Go Sound [1972]

from the stellar library compilation Barry 7's Connectors

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pavement: Westie Can Drum [1997]

Another B-side from the halcyon year of 1997. A companion piece, if you will, to Mike's Björk post of last Friday. This from the Stereo single.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Led Zeppelin: Since I've Been Loving You

recorded "live" at Madison Square Garden, 7/27/73

audio transfer from the Led Zeppelin DVD

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blind Willie McTell: Travelin' Blues [1929]

Look over yonder
Look over yonder
At the women
At the women

Basil Poledouris: Cemetery (Film version) [1978]
Basil Poledouris: Matt Surfs, Kaliponi Slack Key, Bear's Shack [1978]
Basil Poledouris: Summerset [1978]

I looked into Basil Poledouris' work after reading his obit last November. If you are a fan of big 1980's movies you've probably already heard his music. Big Wednesday is not a movie I had heard of, but it appears to be a surfing movie, and the titles of the songs on the soundtrack basically reveal the plot and story twists.

I enjoy the soothing numbers off this soundtrack when they play randomly on my mp3 player.

Buy the soundtrack here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Morrissey: Dial A Cliche [1988]
Morrissey: Please Help the Cause [1988]

I know I just posted Moz a week ago or so, but I am getting primed for a show tonight. These are two studio outtakes from the Viva Hate sessions. Enjoy.

Buy Viva Hate here.

B.A.D. II: The Globe [1991]
B.A.D. II: In My Dreams [1991]

Buy The Globe here.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Miles Davis: Milestones

from the album of the same name

Miles & co. scaling the heights of Mount Parnassus on this gem from '58. So quality.

Big Brother & The Holding Company: Oh, Sweet Mary [1968]
Big Brother & The Holding Company: Flower in the Sun [1968]

I watched Festival Express again recently, and was once again amazed by Janis Joplin. Flower in the Sun is a studio outtake added to the 1999 re-release of Cheap Thrills.

Buy Cheap Thrills here.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Colin Blunstone:
She Loves The Way They Love Her
Caroline Goodbye

vinyl rip, from the album One Year

arrangement on Caroline Goodbye by Tony Visconti and Rod Argent

bonus beats:
The Zombies: She Loves The Way They Love Her [year?]

Friday, June 22, 2007

União Black: Every 1's A Winner [2005]

from the album Banda União Black

Björk: Karvel [1997]

B-side to I Miss You, the single off Post.

Buy I Miss You here

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Robert Palmer: Riptide [1985]
Robert Palmer: I Didn't Mean To Turn You On [1985]

Palmer took a plunge to find the wonderful Riptide, which was composed by the songwriting team of Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On was composed by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

I suggest listening to I Didn't Mean To Turn You On immediately after Riptide ends. Riptide makes a nice intro to the light funk of I Didn't Mean To Turn You On.

Buy Riptide here.

Skinnyman and DJ Flip: Not Bonnie And Clyde (instr.) [2004]

Does anyone know where this bangin' loop comes from originally? Thanks in advance.

Buy it from Netgroove records.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Three Dog Night: I'll Be Creeping [1970]

A cover of Free's 1969 album opening track, off Free.

Buy Naturally here.

Fantastic Soul Invention:
Nice And Slow b/w Double Action [1976]

This mysterious 45 was produced in Italy on the Green Light label in 1976. "Fantastic Soul Invention", it seems, is a phony artist name that was used on bootleg releases of various funk/disco tracks. The real artist on Nice And Slow is Jesse Green and on Double Action it's the Sarr Band (I think). However, this version of Double Action has some percussion and clav overdubs not on this Sarr Band version. Anyroad, double up on it nicely and slowly with these two fresh dance cuts.

bonus cut:
Jesse Green: Nice And Slow (instr.) (with thanks to Ryan)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Starbuck: It Feels Good [1978]

Culled from the Maxell Rock Sampler. Featuring the craziest synth climb this side of Blinded By The Light. I used to think I was alone in my appreciation for this, but Internet research has revealed, as it will, that there are some hardcore Starbuck fans out there.

The liner notes from the Sampler are memorable:

"Here's contrast for you: full vocal harmonies and fuzz-tone guitars back an extremely clear, strong tenor lead vocal. Starbuck is an Atlanta-based sextet which turns It Feels So Good* into a danceable, stimulating, mellow measure of contemporary rhythm.

Only Ken Crysler, the drummer, isn't a singer. The rest, including keyboardists Bruce Blackburn and Dave Shaver, along with guitarists John Fristoe and Johnny Walker, and bass player James Cobb, add vocals to their instrumental expertise.

Musically, the material is lyrical, emotionally specific**, quietly incandescent and warm. Sonically it's clean. Listen for the clear ringing of the opening brush hitting the cymbal. Listen also for a rarity in modern rock music: a crystalline unfuzzed guitar solo that's completely free from intentional distortion."

* sic
** what?

Starbuck on CD

Monday, June 18, 2007

Harry Nilsson: Isolation [1971]

Who is Harry Nilsson?

Who are The Walkmen?

Who tapped my phone?

The Beat: Mirror In The Bathroom (Adelphi Remix) [1995]
The Beat: Mirror In The Bathroom (Mark Spike Stent Remix) [1995]

Buy music from The English Beat here.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lizzy Mercier Descloux: Fire [1979]
Lizzy Mercier Descloux: Aya Mood [1979]

Two tracks off the Corsican's Press Color, which was recorded when she was 22, not 32 or 37. Sorry, SDIII and Bathtub Gin. See you later today.

Buy Press Color here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

John Cale: Barracuda [1974]
John Cale: Momamma Scuba [1974]

More John Cale because I've found myself listening to him more and more lately.

Buy Fear here.

Canned Heat: Goin' Up the Country [1968]

Mungo Jerry: In the Summertime [1970]

Two for a June afternoon.

Kinda makes me want to have a stiff drink while relaxing on my porch with five of my closest friends.

The Cyrkle: Turn-Down Day [1966]

Another mid-60's bon-bon plucked from the box of 45's I was yammering on about here. It will be a turn-down weekend for me, as I'm headed to the glamourous beaches of Westerly, Rhode Island, with hopefully a foray into Connecticut on Saturday for Sheridan DuPre III's 79th birthday bash.

"Things that are waiting to mess my mind will just have to wait till tomorrow."

Buy The Cyrkle

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Frankie Miller: I'll Take A Melody [1974]

words & music by Allen Toussaint

ripped from Miller's High Life

Shine on, keep on shining...

Lou Reed: Good Evening Mr. Waldheim [1989]

You won't be missed.

Buy New York here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wilson Pickett: Run Joey Run [1970]
Wilson Pickett: Help the Needy [1970]

Both off Wilson Pickett in Philadephia.

Buy it here.

Vitor Hublot: Aller Simple [1983]

taken from Bippp: French Synth Wave 1979-1985

Vitor Hublot on My Space

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jean Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Part 5 [1978]
Jean Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Part 6 [1978]

Emmett directed me towards Jean Michel back in December. Since then I've listened to a few of his albums, but hadn't realized how huge he was until I read this Wikipedia post.

Bastille Day, 1979. Place de la Concorde. 1 million electronic music fans. Sounds insane.

I am tempted to post the whole album here, given that the album is meant to 'reflect a day in the life of a human being'. Here are parts 5 and 6, which I guess are the equivalent of the end of the work day / metro ride home. Part 8 is downright dirty.

Buy Equinoxe here.

Shirley Bassey: Vehicle [1971]

arranged, produced & conducted by Johnny Harris

Note how the bass player goes mental on the last verse. One wonders: what was in his Wheaties that day?

BTW, who did the original of this? Oh right, the Ides Of March.

Fun fact: the man who wrote "Vehicle", Jim Peterik, also co-wrote and co-produced "Eye Of The Tiger".

Shirley's version is available on the CD reissue of Something Else.

Screaming Trees: Transfiguration [1987]
Screaming Trees: Cold Rain [1987]

Out of Washington, the Screaming Trees were:
Mark Lanegan - vocals
Gary Lee Conner - guitar
Van Conner - bass
Mark Pickerel - drums

Buy Even If and Especially When here.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Joe Walsh: Theme From Boat Weirdos and Life's Been Good [1978]

from "But Seriously, Folks..."

recorded at Bayshore Recording Studios, Coconut Grove, Florida

"Theme From Boat Weirdos" recorded aboard the 72-foot four track "Endless Seas"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hosono & Yokoo: Madam Consul General of Madras [1978]

A bit of early electronica from one of the amazing minds behind YMO. Tadanori Yokoo appears to have contributed the cover art and nothing else. The unrivaled Bumrocks posted Hum ghar sajan a few months back, otherwise I would have posted it myself. If you haven't yet heard it, it's worth tracking it down.

Buy Cochin Moon here.

Herbie Hancock: Wiggle-Waggle and Fat Albert Rotunda [1969]

ripped from the cryptically-titled Fat Albert Rotunda

"Wiggle-Waggle": Very hip 8-bar "blues" chord progression on this.

"Fat Albert Rotunda": Great free jazz stylings from Joe Henderson and shamanistic percussion from (?).

This is also the album that contains the classic Fat Mama.

The players:
Herbie Hancock - piano, electric piano
Joe Henderson - alto flute, tenor sax
Johnny Coles - trumpet, fluegel horn
Garnet Brown - trombone
Tootie Heath - drums
Buster Williams - acoustic bass, electric bass
[guitarist and percussionist uncredited, at least on my copy]

all selections written, arranged and conducted by Herbie Hancock

recorded at Van Gelder Recording Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Santo & Johnny:
Alfie [1975]
Love Theme From "The Godfather" [1973]

from the album famosi temi da films

Some tidbits from Wikipedia:

"Santo Farina was Johnny's older brother. He played the lap steel guitar as a youth, and then taught Johnny to play the electric guitar."
The Farina brothers are from Brooklyn.
"In 1973, they recorded "The Godfather" movie theme. It held the #1 position for 26 weeks in Italy."
"As of 2006, Bacharach had written a total of 70 Top 40 hits in the U.S."

Santo & Johnny CD's: A cool gift idea for Father's Day.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Sam Cooke: That's Heaven To Me [1958?]

written by Sam Cooke

taken from The Man And His Music

John Cale: Child's Christmas in Wales [1984]
John Cale: Where There's a Will [1984]

I've been listening to this recording a lot, which I came across lately. The dialogue between songs may make the interview, but here are two of the songs between the segments of dialogue.

Recorded in BFSB Studios, Cologne, Feb 5, 1984.

Buy John Cale here.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Little Richard: Keep A-Knockin' [1957]

the first punk rock song?

own it!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Love Robot: Love Robot (Loud-E edit) [1978]

Have no fear, we are your friends...

First heard this in the Lovefingers/Tako & Loud-E mix on Beats In Space. Was fortunate enough to find an mp3 of it on this mysterious and intriguing site. But why is this ruling music site attached to a webpage marketing a beautiful house in Waterford, Ireland?

Philip Glass: Warszawa [1993]

If you were to play this to a friend and quiz that friend... Who composed it is obvious. What inspired it is less so. Then your friend would pound you. That's speculation, not personal experience.

I've been enjoying Glass's tributes lately. This particular composition tops them all.

The entire Low Symphony is available, through resellers, here.
Townes Van Zandt: Greensboro Woman [1972]

"I'll be home soon,
for once, there's someone waitin' there...."

A song for the sunset; quietly intense, beautiful and sad.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Moody Blues: Go Now! b/w Lose Your Money [1964]

Through a friend of a friend, I recently acquired a collection of 45's that belonged to two sisters growing up in Port Chester, New York, in the early 60's. Taken as a whole, these singles represent a fascinating cross-section of the hit parade of the day and a window into the musical psyches of two teenage girls. The classic teen heartbreak anthem "Go Now!", taken from this collection, is the first installment in what I hope will be an ongoing series. There are hundreds of records in this box. The only difficulty is that I'll need to find clean digital versions of the songs, because the 45's themselves are NOT rippable. (Talk about dusty 7's...)

Bonus cut:
Go Now! (recorded live at the NME Poll Winners' Concert, April 11, 1965)

And because the Internet is insane, go here to check out the original
Bessie Banks version.

The Magnificent Moodies on CD

Monday, June 04, 2007

Burning Spear: John Burns Skank [1976]
Burning Spear: Dread River [1976]

Respective dub versions of 1975's Live Good and Jordan River, which can be found on Marcus Garvey.

The rest of the album can be purchased here.

Don Ray: Standing In The Rain [1978]

from the album Garden Of Love

This selection was inspired by the following blurb on Jigsaw Music:

"Cosmo played an amazing space disco set at the April ’05 Jigsaw. Her set took in fresh new house sounds alongside some New York Loft classics. The crowd went absolutely nuts for Don Ray’s “Standing in the Rain”!"

SITR is notable also for the only known rhyming of "soaking" with "talking".

As it happens, we were watching that movie "The Last Days Of Disco" at Kacers's parents' place yesterday and I was amused to hear Got To Have Loving in the soundtrack. So there's that one for you as well.

Both tracks written by Cerrone and Don Ray. Taken from the CD reissue. I'm not totally loving the way it's mastered, but wtf. You might want to turn the treble down, and the lights.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Erroll Garner: Summertime

recorded in New York City, January 3, 1952

featuring John Simmons on bass and Shadow Wilson on drums

What's up y'all? I woke up on Friday morning fully excited to post this, only to find that my Internet was down for the very first time since it was installed 5 years ago. Then I was away at a wedding all weekend with no web access. Blame it on a simple twist of fate.

Anyways, "Summertime": I kind of have issues with this song, not because I don't love it (I do), but because I feel that it's overplayed. (Indeed, according to Wikipedia: "It is widely believed that "Summertime" vies with the Beatles' "Yesterday" as one of the most often covered songs in popular music, with an estimated 2,600 different versions recorded.") That being said -- I love this version of "Summertime"! One of my favorite intros ever and quite possibly my favorite ending ever.

"Summertime" was written by George Gershwin, Dubose Heyward, and Ira Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy & Bess.

available on the life-changing compilation Body & Soul

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Morrissey: Seasick, Yet Still Docked [1992]

Caught any shows lately?

Off Your Arsenal.

Nico: Afraid [1970]

With production, piano, and violin by John Cale.

A quick YouTube search shows that this is the preferred song to which family photo collages should be set.

Buy Desertshore here.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Beastie Boys: Cooky Puss [1983]
The Beastie Boys: Beastie Revolution [1983]

Two cuts off the Beasties' second EP, which was recorded when Mike D, MCA, and Adrock were 17 and 18 years old.

Buy the newish Beastie Boys movie here.