Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear friends: the new Viva show drops today. A retrospective of musical highlights from 2009, i.e. an assortment of some of the best stuff I "discovered" this year. Enjoy at 2 PM on Viva Radio, or after-the-fact here.

I'll also be posting about 22 songs tomorrow morning - stay tuned!

Auld Lang Syne: Scottish and North English: 1. old times, esp. times fondly remembered. 2. old or long friendship. [lit., old long since, i.e., old long-ago (days)]


Big B said...

It was great to hear the Canned Heat and Legend songs again. Really like 'Heather on the Hill'.

Have a memorable New Year!

emmett said...

Thanks, Bro! I actually posted Heather on the Hill at a slightly too-fast speed at first. Speed now fixed. Works either way, actually :) Happy N.Y.!