Thursday, December 31, 2009

DJ Emmett presents fin de la décennie spectacular

Good Time Coming - Mustard
Lucy Lu - Bob Summers
I Won't Step On Your Shoes - Barnaby Bye
Asmodaï - Tac Poum Système
Eanie Meany - Jim Noir
I Won't Let You Down - Ph.D.
The EMI Song - Alex Chilton
Gemini - Marcello Giombini
I Need You Tonight - The Punkin Machine
Right Off (excerpt, -8) - Miles Davis
No Train To Stockholm - Lee Hazlewood
Spiralys - Daniela Casa
L'idole des jaunes - Stella
Run For The Sun - Brett Smiley
Il Veliero - Lucio Battisti
My Love Will Shine - Pat Thomas & Marijata
Pyjamarama - Sartre's Lobster
Bilbao Song - Bernie Leighton
Trouble - Lindsey Buckingham
Perpetrator - Stew Lane
Poison Lips - Vitalic
Schwerkraft - Schaltkreis Wassermann
2010 - Andy Summers
Art Decade Chant - Big B

(or, get them all in one zip file)


Jeff said...

I have that Bob Summers record! Sweet.

Abigail said...

Any chance of a link to download all these beauts in one go? Excited!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Monsieur parlez francais.

Did you purchase the great Tac Poum Systemse Record when you were DJaying in Paris last Summer? Seems 2 be a french fuzztone Vers. of MC 5!

Happy New (Art) Decade!

ano 2

Emmett said...

MUSTARD – GOOD TIME COMING: Best squishy stereo-panned handclap sound on the 2 and 4.
BOB SUMMERS – LUCY LU: Another classic from the master. Didn’t like the background vox at 1:06 at first; now love them.
BARNABY BYE – I WON’T STEP ON YOUR SHOES: Is there a measure of 7/8 or something in this? Seems hard to follow where the 1 is. Barnaby Bye is pre-Alessi Brothers.
TAC POUM SYSTEME – ASMODAI: Props to lead vocalist, lead guitarist and co-composer Philippe Carminati. The video for this is perfect.
JIM NOIR – EANY MEANIE: We live in America, so we never saw this Adidas commercial.
PH.D. – I WON’T LET YOU DOWN: Straight from the bumrocks twitter feed! Apparently this was huge in Europe in ’81; it wasn’t played in the U.S.A. at all.
ALEX CHILTON – THE EMI SONG: Another one from the very good Saint Etienne Presents Songs for the Dog & Duck compilation, available here. I’m always up for double-tracked vocals.
MARCELLO GIOMBINI – GEMINI: Best enjoyed while standing on a side street off of Park Avenue, freezing, looking through a window at someone else’s art.
PUNKIN MACHINE – I NEED YOU TONIGHT: Just found out about this one. Silly and effective.
MILES DAVIS – RIGHT OFF (excerpt, -8): I slowed this down but left the pitch the same. With John McLaughlin, Michael Henderson, and William Cobham.
LEE HAZLEWOOD – NO TRAIN TO STOCKHOLM: You must see the video.
DANIELA CASA – SPIRALYS: From the legendary America Giovane LP, which I don’t have. Cred to the bass player.
STELLA – L’IDOLE DES JAUNES: Like I said, I love double-tracked vocals. The overall soundscape here is very orange. Groovy vocal rhythms. Apologies if this song is racist - my French isn’t good enough for me to tell.
BRETT SMILEY – RUN FOR THE SUN: Huge thanks to Piper K for this gem. I’m loving that delayed bubbling organ part (or whatever it is). The whole arrangement is genius.
LUCIO BATTISTI – IL VELIERO: Thanks to lovefingers for the rip. An intricate musical jigsaw puzzle that will keep you busy for a while. What is a veliero? A kind of ship or something? Let me know when you can.
PAT THOMAS & MARIJATA – MY LOVE WILL SHINE: Still trying to come to terms with how out-of-tune the bass is on this. Think of it as quarter tones. Great song regardless. Kofi “Electric” Addison on drums.
SARTRE’S LOBSTER – PYJAMARAMA: I love this song so much, I’ll take any version. It’s nice to hear the guitarist’s chord voicings; they seem lovingly faithful to Manzanera’s.
BERNIE LEIGHTON – BILBAO SONG: Hand-taped off the DVD of the 1988 Woody Allen film “Another Woman”. Thx to Sheridan DuPre for the tip on the movie. Music written by Kurt Weill in 1929.
STEW LANE – PERPETRATOR: Via bumrocks via cosmo vitelli. Lots of good things happening.
VITALIC – POISON LIPS: The triumphant return of Vitalic to these pages. If you hear this in the background and you’re not paying attention you think it’s “I Feel Love”. Is there a subtle tempo increase at one point?
SCHALTKREIS WASSERMANN – SCHWERKRAFT: The lament of the aesthetic astronaut. “Schwerkraft” = gravitational force
ANDY SUMMERS – 2010: Happy New Year, people! “Let’s get it on; let’s do it.”

ib said...

The Ph.D vocalist was from Glasgow; Jimmy Diamond, the 'D' in the three-piece.

Phillips and Hymas - the 'P' and 'h' - were former members of the Jeff Beck Group. The hit coincided with Diamond's contracting hepatitis and being unable to tour to capitalize on the song's success.

"I Won't Let You Down", indeed...

Happy New Year, Art Decade.

Anonymous said...

"....received your invitation to the war.

I sen'it back so please don't send no more...."

they ain't makin' laid back C&W Songwriters like Lee anymore.

ano 2

Mike said...

Happy New Year, Emmett, Sheridan and Big B. In cold Spain where my daughter prefers not to sleep. Am excited to listen to this playlist on Sunday.

Big Ed Dunkel said...

MARCELLO GIOMBINI – GEMINI: Best enjoyed while standing on a side street off of Eagle St. in Albany, N.Y., drunk, looking through a window at someone else's life.

Big Ed Dunkel said...

Good Time Coming - Mustard: WINNER: "Best goddamned squishy stereo-panned handclap sound on the 2 & 4."

ib said...

Also. Digging the "Art Decade Chant".

Big B said...

As always, supra mix. Really dig the Giombini tune.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking on your site for some time, time to come out of hiding: This is just a great mix. Thanks!

emmett said...

Hey, thanks for the comments everybody, and happy New Year!

Ano. 2: No, I don't have the Tac Poum 45, would love to get it someday though--that mp3 could use a sound quality upgrade. Unfortch it's one of those 200 Euro type deals.

Big Ed: Very entertaining commentary, my brother!

Anonymous "lurker": Thanks man, you made my night!

Ryan said...

Hey Emmett,

A veliero is any kind of large, seagoing ship. It comes from vela, which is Italian for 'sail'.

By the way, incredible mix!

emmett said...

Hey Ryan, thanks for the info, and the etymology! Glad you're enjoying the music. Cheers, Emmett

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to download this playlist, but I think the link is not working!
thank you from Brasil ;)

Anonymous said...

it worked!!!! sorry...
this is very, very good music!