Friday, October 15, 2010

Eggstone - Taramasalata

Huge thanks to Ely at Songblague for the tip on this slice of labyrinthine pop. I feel an Eggstone phase coming on...


Ely said...

Been loving your blog for a long time. Glad to be able to give something back.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Exactly my cup of tea! That's what I call POP-Music!

Great Arrangement, great Chord Changes and an easy atmosphere. Music I would have liked being played on a party when I was 19.

Never heard of Eggstone b4, how could that happen

If this had been released in 1982 by a british outfit, it would have become a massive hit. And in 1987 it would have fit perfectly on an Él Records Compilation LP, don't you agree?

Makes it to my Artdecade TOPFIVE!

Keep on keeping on!

Emmett said...

Hey Ano, so glad you liked it! Why wasn't this a huge hit? A few theories: A) Maybe the dude's voice takes a little getting used to? B) Maybe the chord changes are a little too classy? C) Insufficient marketing? Swedishness? Either way, I'm happy it made it to your Top 5! Always nice when "new" material can compete with the "classics." :)

Never heard of the El Records comps but I'll be checking 'em out!

Thanks again for the comment.