Monday, October 31, 2011

NRBQ - That's Alright

Any band that shows love for the pre-Help! Beatles can only win points in my book, especially when brilliant changes such as that occurring at 1:36 are on offer.

Words and music by Joseph Spampinato. Recorded November, 1974 in beautiful Maynard, Massachusetts.


Anonymous said...

definetely a grower, that song!

like a good wine its geting better and better with every listening session.

pre Help Beatles, haha, i can hear that when it comes to the Chorus. but in my humble opinion the song owes a lot more to the early Byrds when it comes to the intro, the verse and the fantastic guitar solo part, beginning at around 1:41. great great chord changes, indeed!

really love it!

ano 2

Emmett said...

Glad u dug it, Ano. As I typed the post, I thought, "Someone's going to write in and say it sounds more like the Byrds." But I live in a Beatlecentric universe, so I'll always tip my hat in the direction of The Lads.

Anyways, thx again for the comment! I'll be ripping your Clinic b-side very soon, but it's 11:52 PM and I have work to do tonight and also have to try to scout out some new tunes for this blog...

Anonymous said...

reminds me of Big Star