Friday, December 29, 2006

Emitt Rhodes: She's Such a Beauty [1970]

Playing all the instruments and recording it himself boy wizard channels Paul McCartney and produces a forgotten gem of a solo album. This particular track is the lost sister of 'Marth My Dear'.


Anonymous said...

In the late sixties they used to call Emmitt and his Band Merry-Go-Round another "version "of The Beatles... In France especially successful was "Time will show the Wiser". My favourite of '67.
Regards URACH

Anonymous said...

Emitt had other solo LPs, but this one is the best. The Merry-Go-Round's two hits were "Live" (sounds a bit like Sgt Pepper's LHC Band, and "You're A Very Lovely Woman," later covered by Linda Ronstadt. - jack

Anonymous said...

This is a real sad story. You can read online various articles about and interviews with Emitt Rhodes. It seems clear that (stupid) record company pressures and posturing pushed him to the point where underlying psychological problems came forward. I've got those LP's, and he is great.


P.S. Fairport Convention showed their intelligence in covering "Time Will Show The Wiser" on their first LP.