Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ed Bogas (Arr.): Michael's Scarborough Fair [1973]

This is Ed Bogas' library music-esque arrangement of Simon & Garfunkel's classic. Featuring Merl Saunders on clavinet, this track from the soundtrack for Heavy Traffic is the latest in the brief series I'm doing on songs from Bakshi movies.

The other two songs from the series can be found here and here.

I posted The Riot last night, and was amazed to find, this morning, that it hasn't received a single hit from hype-machine. That goes against everything I previously believed to be true; that being: 'if it's on hype-machine, people will listen to it.' This is nearly as interesting to me as a Neil Young song going to number 3 on the most popular list otherwise populated with songs by Arcade Fire and Klaxons, and will certainly be added fodder for some conversations I've been having with Emmett re: what makes people download a song from an mp3 blog.

Buy the movie here. The song is, obviously, part of the movie.


Emmett said...

My only complaint is that that doesn't go on for 9 more minutes.

Anonymous said...

I agree. But I guess when your job is to write or arrange 4,000 sings a year, you learn to do so succinctly.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the best 'blog online - without question...One request : there was another version of this tune in the film, was there not, with vocals?...Please post it if you've got it. I don't know that it's 9 mins. but it is longer and the female voices are sweet.

Jason Steidman

Mike said...

Hey Jason - I'll post the other two Scarborough Fairs tonight. Neither is 9 minutes long, unfortunately. I think they both clock in under 3 minutes. They're worth a listen though, for sure.