Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fashiøn: White Stuff (Short Cut) [1982]

I love these guys Fashiøn. Apparently their one goal in life was to create music that makes you feel like you are locked in some kind of James Bond/Miami Vice-esque glamourous dreamscape. (Indeed, "White Stuff" was used on this episode of Miami Vice three years later.)

available on The Height Of Fashiøn (highly recommended)

For another cut from Fashiøn, see here.


Anonymous said...

This sound was put out there by Georgio Moroder, originating with the American Gigolo movie, and then Scarface. Check out Love and Passion, from the American Gig movie. The director, Paul Shraeder, co-wrote it.

Emmett said...

Hey there... thanks for the tip. I have a couple Giorgio records (Knights in White Satin and the Midnight Express soundtrack) but I don't have American Gig or Scarface. Will definitely check them out. Thanks again. BTW, I'll be posting more from Fashion in the near future.