Monday, January 22, 2007

Michael Henderson: Solid [1976]

Michael Henderson: The young man who became a legend in his own time, providing the heroic basslines on such Miles Davis albums as Jack Johnson, Live-Evil, Agharta, and Pangaea, gets stupid fresh on this funk fantasia from his first solo LP.

Read a fireside chat with Michael.

Solid seems to be out of print on CD. Get it on vinyl.

The players:
Keyboards: Rudy Robinson, Lester Williams, Rod Lumpkin
Synthesizer: Mark Johnson, Bruce Nazarian
Guitars: Bruce Nazarian, Ralph Armstrong, Michael Henderson
Bass: Michael Henderson
Percussion: Muruga Sharma
Drums: Leslie Daniels, Jerry Jones, Michael Henderson (Solid)*

*I think this means that Michael did a drum overdub on top of the basic drum track.

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