Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miss TK & The Revenge: Unicornucopia (I Love Nico) [2004]

This post isn't as off-the-mark as it seems. I was thinking about Miss TK today, and their 2004 album which was released to no acclaim. I never mind hearing Miss TK coming out of the shuffle feature on my MP3 player.

Miss TK, when are you going to play NYC? I'd like to catch your 30-minute set sometime soon. Are you even real?

Buy Miss TK here. For reals.

And what's the spurious connection to the long 70s? See the post above.


Sheridan Dupre said...

All of a sudden I am in a car driven by Max with Lefty, Tarissimo, Chaddles. We are driving quite quickly careening around corners, and now we are on the FDR Drive, and now we are under a bridge, and now dirty water is streaming through the open sunroof. And this plays the whole time...

Anonymous said...

Do you think there was acid in that water or just sewage?

What I know is that Sheridan Dupre hasn't been the same since.

Mr. Record said...

Miss TK & The Revenge are for real

Miss TK &The Revenge are from New Jersey and play NYC often. They play NJ a lot too (you should try to leave NYC once in awhile, it won't hurt ya, Bklyn is overrated and Giuliani royally destroyred Manhattan forever)

Miss TK & The Revenge have a brand new EP out "No Biterz" available everywhere digitally.

Listen to the new Miss TK & The Revenge here: