Friday, February 09, 2007

Cibo Matto: Sugar Water (Acoustic) [1997]
Cibo Matto: Sing This All Together [1997]

Two songs from the genius that was Cibo Matto.

Vox: Miho Hatori
Piano: Yuka Honda

Sugar Water (Acoustic):
Bass: Sean Lennon
Percussion: Timo Ellis
Drums: Dougie Brown
Guitar: Marc Ribot (Must see him sometime.)

Sing This All Together:
(Jagger / Richards)
Bass and drums: Sean Lennon
Guitar: Timo Ellis

And Michel Gondry directed the video for the album version of Sugar Water.

Go buy this CD right now.


Anonymous said...

Hey! that's not the 70s!

Seriously though I've been meaning to comment for a few days -- I've loved everything I've downloaded from you. You've really got something great going on here.


Mike said...


Oh my god, you are right! I always get 7's and 9's mixed up. My gaffe!

And thanks for the artdecade love. We always appreciate it!