Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Modern Lovers: Pablo Picasso [1976]
David Bowie: Pablo Picasso [2003]

Recorded in 1972, but not released until after The Modern Lovers broke up, here are two versions of Jonathan Richman's composition. One is great and one is not so great, but it's the last day of our month, and we have the spare bandwidth... so here are both.

1976 version:
Jonathan Richman - Guitar and vox
Jerry Harrison - Keys
David Robinson - Drums
Ernie Brooks - Bass
Produced by John Cale

2003 version:
David Bowie
Sterling Campbell - Drums
Gerry Leonard - Guitar
Mark Plati - Bass
Mike Garson - Piano
Produced by Tony Visconti

Buy The Modern Lovers and David Bowie.


Anonymous said...

What about the Burning Sensations version from Repo Man? That one wasn't bad.

Mike said...

Ha! I don't know that version and I also haven't seen that movie in probably 18 years... I'll check it out though. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hahaha -- that is hilarious!!! A big Jonathan Richman fan, and I've been meaning to try and hear the David Bowie version of Pablo Picasso -- and wow -- what a shocking difference in terms of... well... everything... :-)

Anonymous said...

art decade launches it from half court... and it's goooood! (simpering caveat - even though i'm partial to the john cale version, simper, whinge) keep slinging the beauties, folks...