Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ned Doheny: Get It Up For Love [1976]

from the album Hard Candy, produced by Steve Cropper

I first heard this in the DJ History mix from September '06, created by Citizen Kane. I had never heard tell of Ned before, but Internet searches have revealed that he is huge in Japan and (of course) with the Dream Chimneys.

Fun fact: Ned is a true descendant of the Los Angeles Dohenys, and was actually born on Doheny Drive (Ace!). Is Ned the grandson of this Ned Doheny who died in spectacular L.A.-noir fashion in 1929?

I've lifted this song from Kane's mix, which is why you hear other songs fading in and out at the beginning and end. But my Japanese remastered copies of Hard Candy and Prone are on their way, and you might want to pick them up yourself.


Anonymous said...

I got it up for love, but I could not find Andrea anywhere, true.

PS How can I get Bowie/Stevie Ray files?


Mike said...

Is that picture taken from your apartment, Emmett? Dude, you live in l.u.x.u.r.y.!

Anon - I was going to send out the Bowie / SR files to a few people who asked for them. I've been very busy and haven't had the opportunity to do so, yet. But if you can wait a few weeks, I'll gladly send you a copy as well. Send an email to the address on the site's homepage.

Emmett said...

To all looking for Andrea True Connection -- it's hidden in the word "true". That's because it's dedicated to a very special lady named Kacers. Sorry for the in-jokes and the surreptitiousness. Enjoy the music!

Anonymous said...

This cut is great! Is the rest of the album this good? Is it really worth 30 bucks?

Emmett said...

Yo Barney! The way I figure it, this song alone is worth $40, so in a way you're getting the other songs for free, plus you profit $10 on the deal! Seriously though, I don't know. The reports I have read are very favorable. I could let you know after I receive my discs.

Anonymous said...

i found a link last night for "to prove my love" which is also really good...please do report back after you get your discs.

and also, please restore the link to this blog in your amdew sig!

Anonymous said...

hi there,
checking out this blog.
fresh doheny is in the house.
hard candy is my favorite, prone is kinda part 2. it's good too but not quite as fresh, still nice.
keep posting good jams.

Emmett said...

Hey Sorcerer, thanks for stopping by. I got Prone & Hard Candy in the mail the other day. Good times. Labor Of Love is the standout track for me so far...