Friday, February 02, 2007

T La Rock & Jazzy Jay: It's Yours [1984]
The Latin Rascals: It's Yours (megamix) [1985?]
The Latin Rascals: 98.7 KISS Mastermix Dance Party [March 16, 1985]

"People of the universe, this is yours." One of the hottest early rap records. Dig the minimalism, and note how DJ Jazzy Jay lives up to his moniker during the scratch break at the 1:03 mark.

From about 1984 to 1986 I listened to the 98.7 KISS and 107.5 WBLS Mastermix Dance Parties religiously, every Friday and Saturday night. The DJ on KISS was usually either DJ Red Alert or DJ Chuck Chillout, but then one night I flipped on the radio and heard the Latin Rascals. My brain exploded. These guys were doing something that sounded unreal, like science fiction. Then we found out it was done with reel-to-reel tape editing (!)

"It's Yours (megamix)" is actually an excerpt from a tape of one of the Rascals' broadcasts on KISS, probably from '85. The basic song sequence is:
Fat Boys: Human Beat Box>Fantasy 3: It's Your Rock>T La Rock: It's Yours>Kurtis Blow: A.J.

The "Mastermix Dance Party" is about 45 minutes from a tape of another Rascals show on 98.7, including MCA & Burzootie: "Drum Machine" and Malcolm McClaren: "Hobo Scratch", among many other highlights.

Here are the credits on the back of the 12" of It's Yours:

T La Rock--vocals
Jazzy Jay--turntables

Vocals written by Special K, T La Rock
Beats programmed by Rick Rubin
Produced by Rick Rubin, a S.U.R.E. Shot Mix
Co-produced by Special K, Jazzy Jay
Edited by Weems
Cover art by Rick Rubin

Special thanks to: Ed Bahlman, Africa Bambaataa, Bobby Davis

Def Jam Recordings, 5 University Pl.
New York, N.Y. 10003, (212) 420-8666

and on the runout groove is etched:

Herbie Jr. (smiley face)(heart with arrow through it) Angie

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