Friday, February 16, 2007

Trance remix (The Orb?): Wish You Were Here [1993]

I'll leave this up as long as our bandwidth looks okay. There's been much debate over whether or not this is The Orb. My guess is it ain't. Someday someone will admit to this remix, and by then no one will care.

This is perfect late-night driving music for those who don't ordinarily drive.

Anyone who knows the real story, and the right date, please post in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I bought my copy of this CD in 1993, which I'm pretty sure was also the year of release. There is no info whatsoever on the packaging aside from track listing details.

1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Fluffy Cloud Version)
2. Welcome to the Machine (New Age Version) 3. Have a Cigar (Take a Joint Version)
4. Wish You Were Here (Atmosfear Version)
5. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part 2 of a Journey Into Your

I doubt the orb were involved, there was also talk of Trent Reznor having a hand in it.

Cheers for putting it up and reminding me to go and dig it out.


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this :)

i remember the series of cds coming out, there were also versions of Animals & Dark Side of the Moon also if i remember correctly.

Wish was the one most obvious to convert to a 'trance' state tho. I also doubt that the Orb was involved, they were just the most well known ambient mixers out there (literaly !)and i think peeps just jumped to an obvious conclusion. If anyone can shed the real truth about who was really behind it let us know !

off to get my vicks & glow stick now :)

Mike said...

Hey thanks for the year on that. I am going to update the post. I am surprised to see all the hits it's getting... off to monitor our monthly bandwidth.


girlfriend in a coma said...

i have the dark side rmx from way back in the day...easily in my top five discs of all time. we'd always guessed it may have been orbital...

Anonymous said...

I have always been a huge Floyd fan and bought trance remixes to Animals, Darkside, Wish You were Here, Obscured By Clouds and Meddle. I also have seen A Momentary Lapse of reason. These were out befor the internet took off and could oly be found in ma & pa music stores. I bought some in London, Manchester PA, NYC and NJ in the early 90's. I never heard any rumors in any of the floyd groups about who did it but I have always been lead to belive that it was a guy in London who just layered the tracks ontop of the originals. I had them and they were not all great and never would dthink it was Trent or the Orb regardless of the blatent referance.. My 2 cents

Richard B. Simon said...

On this note, the recetn Dub Side of the Moon is pretty bitchen.

Mike said...

Hey Rich,

I agree with you completely. I also enjoyed the dub version of Radiohead's OK Computer last year. I found myself listening to it more than I could justify.

BTW - thanks for posting the link to your NPR spot on your site. I was able to listen to it this weekend... Fack those Exxon folk.

And also thank you for the instructions on how to download and save files using a mac. I've actually had a few mac users ask me how to save files from this blog, and I haven't been able to give them an answer, until now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i've been looking for this since '99 having first heard it in '94 obtaining a copy on tape which was worn down! Great memories of a windsurfing trip in '96 passing through Portugal, Spain and France, sleeping on top of coastal cliffs under the stars with the music in the background. Thank you so much.