Friday, March 23, 2007

Fantastic Plastic Machine: Electric Ladyland (Japanese Version) [1998]

Taken from Luxury, one of Tomoyuki Tanaka's more solid efforts. A few summers ago I was addicted to this song. I no longer remember why. It must have been something in the air that summer.

The rest of the album incudes a cover of the Eurythmics' There must be an angel.

The album is well worth the purchase.


Emmett said...

That sounds a lot different than Jimi's version.

I like it. It reminds me of living in L.A. in the late 90's, when Austin Powers came out, Beck had that song Deadweight, and I was really enjoying looking at all the Richard Neutra houses in Silverlake.

If I ever have kids, this is what I want them to listen to on Saturday mornings.

Mike said...

If you have kids I am moving to L.A.

Some day we will all be living in L.A. where we can get food delivery, stare at the ocean, attend concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, and become Dodgers fans.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me quite a bit of Yan Tomita's "Doopees".

I stuck the Doopees' album on my girlfriend's iPod as a romantic gesture and she shied away from me as though i were Sarin on the Tokyo Tube.

Mike said...

Interesting, I was thinking about sarin in the subway this morning, as this powder somehow ended up on my jacket, and my eyes suddenly felt irritated. I know sarin is not a powder, but I saw a reading of Murakami's Little Green Monster the other night and I was reminded of another Murakami book, in which he interviews 100 people who were involved in the sarin gas attacks in 1995--which took place two years before I moved to Tokyo, but at the very same station I boarded the train every morning.

Anyway, it wasn't sarin, and I felt foolish for telling my boss about it. It was probably just anthrax. I have felt vaguely radioactive today.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry unduly. Assuming you're referring to the New York subway, it was probably just a cockroach pesticide, Mike. Only kidding.

You lived in Tokyo ? I am turning green with envy. Man, i need to get out more. Freaky coincidence, though.

Mike said...

Yep... three years as a hostess girl in the dark heights of Roppongi.

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Emmett said...

You got "bong" in my blog!!

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