Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grant Green: Down Here on the Ground [1970]

At a recent visit to the old homestead I discovered my brother deeply engrossed in “Grant Green Alive!” which the above track comes from. This one quickly became my favorite. The liner notes tell me that this was recorded live at the Cliché Lounge in Newark on August 15, 1970 and that it is a Wes Montgomery standard. I couldn’t find anything about the Cliché Lounge, which is a shame. Jazione , who dropped by the other night, tells me that this was sampled by De La Soul. I can only speculate.

The Players:
Claude Bartee, tenor sax
William Bivens, vibes
Grant Green, guitar
Neal Creque, organ
Idris Muhammad, drums
Joseph Armstrong, congas



Emmett said...

Nice one, Sheridan. What are we doing this weekend?

Sheridan Dupre said...

I think this weekend I will out of commission, though as expressed in a different comments section, I would be up for a karaoke/big night soon.

Mike said...

It's too bright outside for this song right now... I'm into it though.

ally. said...

i want to go to the cliche lounge - especially if the music is like this - marvelous x

100YearsOfTrash said...

Alive is one of Hip-Hop's great primary resources. There is a great version of this track with vocals on Blue Note Remix Project Vol 1. Thanks for thearticle.