Friday, March 23, 2007

Silkworm: Ooh La La [2000]
Silkworm: Is She a Sign [2002]

Two from the late, great Silkworm. First, a cover of the Faces “Ooh La La” from 2000’s Lifestyle. The original is a classic, but I love how wearied, plaintive, and even hopeless this version is. It becomes a different song. I’ve also posted “Is She a Sign” from 2002’s Italian Platinum. Even restrained Silkworm has what feels like a coiled, growling undercurrent.

Both records from the Touch and Go label and available
here .

Oh, I yoinked the photo off of Silkworm's website. It was taken while they were on tour in Japan.

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Anonymous said...

Choice, Sheridan Dupree III. I'm not familiar with Silkworm, but these two tracks are very good indeed.
The Faces is a brave cover decision, and more than does the original justice, but "Is She a Sign" has the edge for me - the piano, when it makes its brief appearance is quite unexpected.

Touch & Go, of course, were (are ?) also responsible for putting out Laughing Hyenas and the mighty Butthole Surfers.