Friday, April 27, 2007

Gabor Szabo:
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

from Rambler [Creed Taylor Industries, 1973]

all compositions by Wolfgang Melz


Anonymous said...

Nice, Emmett - i've been watching over these frequent Szabo posts, and i like this more stripped back album a lot. Can't say that i agree with Scott Yanow's analysis that "... the individual melodies are not that memorable" on the strength of the tracks here.

How about something from 1967's "More Sorcery" ? Although i like the Melz/James collaborations immensely, Szabo's pre-70's is definitely worthy of some serious attention. Cheers.

Emmett said...

IB! Thanks for the comment. We thought you had abandoned us forever! Yes, I completely disagree with that review as well. That's sort of why I posted it -- to prove how wrong reviews can be. The melody of So Hard To Say Goodbye in particular is a real winner.

It's funny, I'm getting into Gabor's catalog backwards. The first album I had was "Night Flight", which is probably his worst (except for "Theme For Gabor"). I have some of his 60's stuff, but not "More Sorcery". Odds are good that some 60's Gabor will appear here eventually...