Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hot Chocolate: So you win again [1977]
Hot Chocolate: A part of being with you [1977]

Both sides to a 1977 single from Hot Chocolate. The b-side is very faithful to its descendant. Someone mentioned that A part of being with you was originally by Hot Chocolate, and that comment inspired this post. I've lost that comment.

So you win again was number one on the charts in the UK in 1977.

Stay tuned for more from The Professionals of Belize tomorrow.

But music from Hot Chocolate here.


Anonymous said...

Nice teaser, Mike.

The a-side - alongside "It Started With a Kiss" (from 1977's "Everyone's a Winner") - was pretty much the very hummable backdrop to the year punk really broke in the UK. It paints as disparate a soundtrack to 1977 as "Pretty Vacant" ; "Complete Control" ; or "Neat Neat Neat".

I think it was "grumpy old man" who first pointed out, somewhat belatedly, that the b-side was the Errol Brown penned song covered by those Belizian "Professionals". Hats off to you, grumpy old man.

I hadn't heard the Hot Chocolate flipside before the Professionals post, and while the cover is very faithfull indeed, i think i pretty much prefer it to the original. Great song. I was too busy bleaching my hair and bridging holes with safety-pins to appreciate it first time around.

Originally on RAK in their native UK, and Big Tree ( a subsidary of Bell Records) in the US.

Mike said...

Great context ib... I would love to have been in London and about 19 years old in 1977 when the Sex Pistols broke.

I am pretty sure I would have dismissed So you win again in favor of punk. One couldn't listen to both, I assume?

Thanks for the context...

Emmett said...

"The games that we play is for love." So choice! This is an early contender for Song Of The Year.