Friday, April 06, 2007

King For A Day:

It's my special pleasure today to be ruling a couple of freshly-minted jams from King For A Day, featuring Randall Funke on guitar, Danny Labich on guitar and vocals, and the top-flight rhythm section of Eric Kalb and Benj LeFevre (both formerly of Deep Banana Blackout). Randy and I have been pals since Centerfold was top of the pops, and I still can't comprehend how he learned to play guitar like that.

Check out for upcoming shows in the tri-state area; check their myspace and youtube pages for additional KFAD goodies.


Mike said...

I'm into it Randy! It's cool to hear what you are playing these days. When are you next playing around NYC?

Anonymous said...

Thanks man! we will be in NYC on May, 10 2007 at Crash Manshion:

199 Bowery @ Spring St, Manhattan, New York

Rock on!