Friday, June 15, 2007

The Cyrkle: Turn-Down Day [1966]

Another mid-60's bon-bon plucked from the box of 45's I was yammering on about here. It will be a turn-down weekend for me, as I'm headed to the glamourous beaches of Westerly, Rhode Island, with hopefully a foray into Connecticut on Saturday for Sheridan DuPre III's 79th birthday bash.

"Things that are waiting to mess my mind will just have to wait till tomorrow."

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davyh said...

Emmett, LOVE this track - I have it on one of the 'Nuggets' LPs.

Pop genius!

Did you know that they were Beatles manager Brian Epstein's first US signing and supported The Fabs on their 1966 US tour?

Enjoy Rhode Island!

Emmett said...

Cool, Davy! No, I did not know about the Epstein connection. Funny story: My grandfather, an entrepreneurial fellow, once contacted Brian Epstein with an idea for "Beatle shampoo"! It didn't happen, but you gotta admit it was a solid business proposition...

davyh said...

A GREAT business proposition - so much hair to wash, after all.