Friday, June 08, 2007

John Cale: Child's Christmas in Wales [1984]
John Cale: Where There's a Will [1984]

I've been listening to this recording a lot, which I came across lately. The dialogue between songs may make the interview, but here are two of the songs between the segments of dialogue.

Recorded in BFSB Studios, Cologne, Feb 5, 1984.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice to hear Child's Christmas in Wales with just the voice and piano. It's a lot easier to enjoy the lyric this way. It's also a lot clearer than my copy of Paris 1919. I like both versions.

I've never heard Where There's A Will before. I have 8 Cale albums (7 if you don't count Church of Anthrax with Terry Riley. It's always nice to find something new by an old favorite.

Thanks for sharing the treasure.