Saturday, June 02, 2007

Morrissey: Seasick, Yet Still Docked [1992]

Caught any shows lately?

Off Your Arsenal.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. A perfect lazy sunday slowdive from the most affable of misanthropes imaginable.

Oddly enough, when i saw your Beastie Boys post i half expected the next to be something from the Smiths, but this seems all the more poignant coming as it does straight after Nico. Good job, Mike.

"Your Arsenal" was much maligned on release in the British music press for its perceived racist overtones, but that's the English music industry for you.

Mike said...

The music press missed the boat on that one... England for the English! What's really interesting about that is that the press actually had a position and was taken seriously back then; and music could be interpreted for its deeper meaning (though in the case of the criticism of Your Arsenal, its not so deeper meaning). The whole National Front Disco thing reminds me a bit of when The Strokes were asked by their label to drop NYC Cops from Is This It shortly after 9/11. People believe what they want to believe without even listening to lyrics.

Anyway, Seasick is without controversy and ArtDecade should survive another day without being labeled anything but bland.

Thanks for noticing the progression from Beasties to Morrissey...

Anonymous said...

Just saw him in Austin, f'in great show! He was in a great mood, made a few Bush jokes, and the band sounded awesome. He even played Lucky Lisp!