Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Townes Van Zandt: Greensboro Woman [1972]

"I'll be home soon,
for once, there's someone waitin' there...."

A song for the sunset; quietly intense, beautiful and sad.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Big B.

I only started listing to TVS in the the last few years when a search for Kinky Friedman turned up "Cowboy Junkies Lament" from 1997's Last Rights by sheer accident. I live too far from Texas in more ways than one.

Big B said...

Thanks ib.
There's Van Zandt county named for his ancestors if ever a trip to Texas was made. Though a visit to the Hill Country would be your best bet.

Anonymous said...

Hill Country ? Sounds a bit like "Deliverance", but that ain't sayin' i know shit.

Well, they make us tough enough here in Scotland, and i'm thinking they're may well be an ancestral trail somewhere down the road a bit.

Incidentally, Big B, i keep on thining "S" instead of "Z", so pardon my persistent shortcoming on that one ; Van Zandt, i'm assuming, is of Dutch lineage going back to the 1800's ?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Excuse the spelling THERE, too. I've had a drink or three.

Jordy said...

Townes...nice. This blog could use a touch more country.

Mike said...

Spelling mistakes due to two or three drinks are encouraged. If not for two or three drinks I would hardly post at all.